Friday, 31 August 2007

How the right thing can expose your wrong doing

This week’s news was overshadowed by wild speculations whether Camilla, the much despised wife of Prince Charles, would – or should – go to the memorial service marking the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. More than 65% of the British people shared the opinion she should not attend; it would be ‘inappropriate’. Eventually she seems to have decided not to be at tomorrow’s happening, the CNN and BBC websites report this morning.

In a short statement she explained: ,,I am touched to have been invited by Prince William and Prince Harry to attend the thanksgiving service for their mother Diana, princess of Wales. I accepted and wanted to support them, however, on reflection I believe my attendance could divert attention from the purpose of the occasion which is to focus on the life and service of Diana.’’ ( website)

By not showing up at tomorrow’s service, which will be attended by the Queen and her husband, Prince William and Prince Harry as well as Prince Charles, there can be suggested Camilla pleads guilty of being ‘the third person in my marriage with Prince Charles’, as Diana described it 13 years earlier. Initially Camilla planned to go and by not going she gives in to all the polls which suggested a majority of British people did not want her to attend, so in fact: she gives in to the people and the public pressure. The Daily Mail, the Sun, the Mirror; even The Guardian and the (Financial) Times printed articles for weeks and weeks in which the polls were explained and old memories were brought alive. There was that so hated picture of her and the Crown Prince having a laugh back in the summer of ’88. Camilla has probably made the right decision; probably she would attract too much attention by going.
But is it not weak to agree and give in? By not showing up she – for ones and for all – indirectly signs her guilt verdict to the British people and – maybe even more importantly – to the press. It would not be surprising if the strategy of Clarence House could be the hope that if Camilla does not show up this time, she makes a sacrifice, an (in)direct public apology for the pain and suffer she caused the so depressive Diana. ‘That woman stole the married man’ and who was for years and years seen as the evil stepmother by thousands of British and American housewives. The hope is on the paparazzi and the tabloids: after the memorial service we can continue to normal life and won’t be reminded too much of the past, Charles aides will hope without any doubt. It probably won’t affect C’s position within the Royal Family, but in the press and therefore in the public (the two biggest and by far most important tools for the Royal family to continue the justification of their existence and continuation).
Camilla has put herself, once again and probably for once and for all, in the negative spotlight she is so used to. By doing the right thing she confirmed to have done wrong. Her chances of ever becoming Queen of England have become a little bit smaller today.
(Pic: CNBC)