Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Exit Holland: Radio 1

Since a month I am a weekly reporter for the Dutch radio station Radio 1. It is the biggest news- and sports channel in Holland and Flanders with approximately a million listeners every day. Every Monday or Tuesday I inform Dutch listeners in the 'Exit Holland' section about news, current affairs, recent developments and funny events in the United Kingdom, where I am based. My latest show, last Monday (July 27) can be listened to by clicking on the link. Scroll to 32:20 (32 mins and 20 sec). Keep in mind, naturally, that the show is in Dutch.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It's hot hot hot

Who said English summers are never good? The Met Office has raised its heatwave alert level today. Hot and humid conditions look set to continue until Friday.

London and the South East are now on Level 3 (out of four), with temperatures set to reach at least 33C (90 F).

The Department of Health has issued special advice for the elderly and other people at risk from the heat, such as people with a heart disease or very young children.