Wednesday, 5 November 2008

It is a long way to the White House but 'yes we can'

I watched the election night yesterday with a bunch of Americans and must say, it stays a fascinating country. Having visited it many times and having made myself familiar with the values, attitudes and morals of most of the states, I experienced something unique last night.

So yeah, it really happened! Barack Hussein Obama II is MR GLOBAL PRESIDENT! I am so curious what he is going to do and what he is going to stand for. Will he turn out to be a visionary and a global leader or just another practical politician who sells himself to corporate America? Shall we see big mamas and disillusioned hoody’s on the street in a few years chanting 'I gave that my first vote ever and he raised taxes and cut spending on health and education! Traitor!'

Let’s hope not. I can not wait actually and dare to say I am positive. And whatever he is going to do, he sure gave us one of the best TV nights in recent history. That means, whatever the policies he is going to practice there will be enough input for us journalists all around the globe. My colleagues seemed in some sort of hysterical mental state today, running and jumping around the office, showing each other blogs and the front pages of newspapers and going for a two hours celebration lunch…
Thanks Obama! I really did feel the change at my own desk today. 'Yes we can' !