Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Martyrs, grenades and rockets

The invasion of the Gaza strip by the Israeli armed forces, as a response to (or resulted in) hundreds of rocket attacks by Hamas, the militant organisation that rules the southern part of 'Palestine', seems to continue. In the meantime, the international community seems devided, the UN secretary general powerless and thousands of people and organisations around the world feel emotionally involved and want their voices heard. They are rising and protesting.

Also right here in London, one of the main junctions in the free world. Pro-Palestine protestors came down to Kensington High Street last Saturday to demonstrate in front of the Israeli Embassy:

A starbucks was completely destroyed and several people were arrested. The images were seen all over the world and more demonstrations in front of the Embassy are announced.

A slightly more civilised (but less effective?) protest took place on Sunday, when supporters of Israel came together at Trafalgar Square