Thursday, 23 February 2012

Google disables prepaid cards due to security issues

Google has temporarily disabled the provisioning of prepaid cards for its mobile wallet after researchers found a number of security flaws in the application. 

Research revealed in January how an attack on rooted mobile phones could expose a user's PIN, as well as flaws in resetting payment options, which allow anyone to take over the wallet function on an Android phone. Both issues are said to be being addressed by Google following an announcement regarding the disablement on the Google Commerce blog. Google Wallet VP Osama Bedier explained Google “took this step as a precaution until we issue a permanent fix soon".

Google Wallet is an application that makes use of near field communication technology, which enables users to store card details onto their mobile devices and upload money in order to make transactions.
Despite the security set back and potential damage to consumer confidence, Bedier insists that “you can be confident that the digital wallet you carry provides defenses that plastic and leather simply do not”.

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