Sunday, 19 February 2012

Jordan: immune to the Arab Spring?

While many of its neighbouring countries are currently experiencing turbulent political times, and some even regime changes or civil war, Jordan has remained relatively peaceful and stable in the last few years. While the Jordanian Government is trying to navigate the prosperous kingdom through the tense regional situation, the country's capital has become a beacon of peace and prosperity in the Middle East. These days, Amman is one of the trendiest and most developed cities in the Arab world and much richer than most of its neighbours.

Please find below some pictures I took during a recent trip to the country. Apart from Amman, I also visited the ancient and world famous City of Petra, 300km south of Jordan's capital. Get a glimpse of a country squeezed in between Babylon and the Holy Land, where magnificent scenery goes hand in hand with impressive historical sights... and a lot of sand.



Dinner in Amman

Approaching Petra

'End of the World' view

With Mohammad, at his place

Bus stop just outside Amman

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