Monday, 16 April 2012

Let's go Dutch: Pay-by-face

A company in the Netherlands has developed a new application that allows consumers to make payments using only their face. Dutch online and mobile transactions firm Adyen has launched a ‘pay-by-face’ app. 
The Face-ID app requires users to scan their face using their smartphone camera, followed by recognition technology that can make a match. The user’s payment and card details are linked to the facial image in a merchant’s database. To confirm the face has been identified correctly, customers have to give a ‘thumbs up’ sign so the payment can be processed.

Face recognition technology
Pieter van der Does, CEO of Adyen, said: "This app has revolutionised existing payment ecosystems and sent initiatives like near field communication, e-wallets, EMV technology [Chip and PIN] and contactless payments back to the stone age. This app gives payments a face."

“With Face-ID making payments become easier than ever”, said Dina-Perla Marciano, of Axicom, an Amsterdam-based agency specialised in technology and life sciences. 

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